Credit card processing and merchant accounts allows your business to authorize, settle, and manage credit card and electronic check transactions.

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Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection

Our state-of-the-art online payment gateways enable merchants to process transactions securely over the Internet, which merchants need to access today's extensive global e-commerce marketplace. Secure online payment gateways and sophisticated encryption technology make credit card fraud increasingly difficult.

Fraud-prevention services and features, such as Address Verification Service (AVS), help verify street numbers before the merchandise is shipped. CVC2 (MasterCard) and CVV2 (Visa) are newcard verification and validation methods designed to minimize Internet and mail order/telephone order fraud. These methods allow greater security when merchants process transactions where the customer's credit card is not present, and they are some of the security measures available that can help you prevent fraudulent credit card purchases and save your business money.

Loss Prevention

Our company addresses the key issues of both traditional and Internet merchants, including fraud, loss prevention and chargebacks.

The company's state-of-the-art security measures protect all merchant and payment information.

These security measures, including Address Verification Service (AVS), can be customized for any size business. The company performs numerous fraud checks to determine common patterns, while allowing merchants to lock out specific credit card numbers and Internet protocol (IP) addresses. Merchants can also create a negative file of high-risk consumers and/or card numbers.

Reduce Chargebacks

Our chargeback and retrieval system defends its merchants' rights by making sure that the MasterCard or Visa dispute resolution guidelines have been met when the cardholder-issuing banks send us transaction receipt requests and contested transactions.

The chargeback and retrieval system protects our merchants and reaches favorable resolutions for them. To achieve this, the department reviews the merchant's responses to transaction requests and contested transactions for completeness and proper documentation.

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