Credit card processing and merchant accounts allows your business to authorize, settle, and manage credit card and electronic check transactions.

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Whether you have a retail storefront, restaurant, hotel, services, or a MOTO business, your customers expect you to accept their preferred method of payment.
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Credit Card Processing Services

For years now, our processing equipment and solutions have delivered the speed, convenience, and security of electronic payment to millions of businesses worldwide, serving merchants in stores, mail order/telephone order, and on the internet.

Whether you're a financial institution, a retailer, a government agency, a payment processor or a payment service provider, We have a cost-effective payment solution that's right for your business. 

Our credit, debit, and smart card products are renowned for their fast, efficient performance, capturing payment information at the point of sale and quickly transferring it from the merchant counter to the payment network for approval.

Value-Added Products and Services Your Customers Will Appreciate!

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MERCHANT ACCOUNTS: In  order to accept credit cards, you must apply for a merchant account to accept a wide-range of Credit, Debit, ATM, and EBT cards:


Visa and MasterCard - Accept Visa and MasterCard, the primary cards for a Merchant Account.


American Express - Find out how easy it is to accept the world's number one entertainment card.


Discover - More consumers carry a Discover Card  than an American Express  card.


Diners Club - Great for restaurants and other entertainment  establishments.


Debit/Check Cards - Debit use is skyrocketing as more customers are discovering the  savings.


EBT Cards - Government programs issue state benefits on an electronic card called  EBT.

VALUE-ADDED PRODUCTS AND ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE: We provide more than credit card processing - the tools to help build your business.


There are many different terminals to meet your needs. We will help you select one, whether it be for a land line, Ethernet/DSL or wireless.


Start Processing With Us - Are you tired of your current processor raising your rates? Learn how we can help.


Value-Added Services - Value-added services and products your customers will appreciate.


Wireless Terminals - For merchants on-the-go, such as taxis and trade show exhibitors.

ONLINE TRANSACTIONS: Accept credit cards on your web site.


Secure Online Payments - Accept credit cards on your web site, in real-time, and with security features and applications.


Shopping Carts - Make things easy for your customers when selling multiple items online.

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