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Benefits of Accepting Plastic

Our top priority is to help keep your business operate more cost-effectively.  Every type of business benefits financially by accepting credit cards. 

With more than 500 million credit cards in use domestically, US credit card charges recorded for 1999 along reached $1.1 TRILLION!

Accepting credit cards can increase sales by as much as 40% and improve your "bottom line". Don't lose those customers that want to shop with "plastic"!

  • More sales:  Studies show that credit card customers spend 2-1/2 times more than customers who only carry cash.
  • Impulse Buying:  Credit cards give customers the freedom to buy previously unplanned purchases.
  • More Expensive Merchandise:  Credit cards allow customers to purchase more expensive merchandise than they had originally planned to buy.
  • Competitive Weapon:  Credit card customers are often less conscious of slight price differences and will seek out businesses that offer credit card payment options.
  • Enhanced Advertising:  Since customers are more likely to shop at businesses where credit cards are accepted, they tend to look for and read those ads first.
  • Steadier Sales:  Cash shoppers buy heavier on paydays and just before holidays, while credit card customers buy whenever the need arises . . . thus reducing peaks and increasing daily revenue.
  • Customer Loyalty:  Research shows customers who purchase with credit cards ten to return to the same business again.

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