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Gift card systems are the fastest growing consumer payment system in the U.S. over the last three years. Retailers have much to gain from the migration from paper certificates to plastic cards - gift cards will dominate the prepaid payment system for years to come.

Gift & Loyalty Card Program

PayTech Solutions has a flexible, profitable Gift and Loyalty program that is a cash-generating product that doubles as a miniature "billboard" in your customer's wallet.  Card balances are reduced as the card is used, encouraging repeat visits and limiting cash refunds; cash flow is enhanced by collecting payment prior to delivery of product and services

Gift Card Program:

A flexible, Gift and Loyalty Program that is a cash-generating product, as well as a miniature "billboard" in your customer's wallet. Card balances are reduced as the card is used, encouraging repeat visits and limiting cash refunds.

  • Custom printed plastic cards with logo
  • Electronic gift certificate
  • Gift amounts loaded and stored on card
  • Online merchant reporting system

Loyalty Card Program:

  • Custom printed plastic cards with logo
  • Tracks and rewards loyal customers
  • Monitor consumer buying behavior and frequency of consumer visits
  • Increases store traffic and sales

Loyalty & Membership Programs

Acquire customers and retain them . . . isn't that the goal? Now you can automatically keep track of purchases made, redemptions, balances, and transaction activity for a multitude of rewards and incentive programs . . . designed by and for you!

Merchandise Credits

Instead of giving cash refunds for returns, why not give them a Gift Card loaded with the exact value of a product return for store credit.  Keep the cash in the store and bring them back to shop again!

Advertising & Promotion

The uses of stored-value cards are as wide open as your imagination - from electronic coupons to co-branded cards paid for by one or more merchant suppliers.

How Store Valued Gift Cards Work

Sales - Merchants use in-store displays to merchandise gift cards (much like they would any small impulse-buy product) by the register with counter signs and colorful card hangers.  A customer purchases a Gift Card with cash, check, or credit card for any dollar amount desired. The amount purchased is recorded as "stored value" or "prepaid" in the program database.

Redemptions - The cardholder presents the gift card for full or partial payment of a purchase.  The merchant swipes the card through the POS terminal for authorization and transmission of transaction data from the program database.  The card's magnetic stripe identifies the card number and merchant location for which the card has been issued.  The process is similar to using a credit card.

Reload Incentives - The cardholder can purchase additional value or "reload" the card for any amount by phone. The merchant can offer an incentive to customers to encourage card reloading.  For example: increase the customer's stored-value amount by 20% (i.e. a $50 reload is recorded as $60 in stored value for the cardholder).

Data Processing
- The stored-value card system operates in real time, as a closed loop debit network.  Transactions, such as card activation, sales, voids, and balance inquiries from the point of sale, are transmitted to the program database. The transaction request is fulfilled or authorized, data is captured in the merchant / client database, and an approval or requested information is transmitted via the POS terminal.  The POS printer produces a paper receipt of each transaction - including the card balance - for the merchant and the customer.

Most merchants can use their existing POS equipment, or lease/buy one of the state-of-art terminals available from PayTech Solutions. A touch-screen capable application that can process all transactions, while installed in any windows computer or POS System, is also available.

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Gift Certificates

Increased sales

Improved cashflow

Full color customized cards

Prepaid Programs

Customer loyalty

Use for refunds

Management reports

Discount Cards

Increased average ticket $

Customer tracking

Fraud control

Preferred Customer Programs

Replace paper gift certificates

Easy to use

Online processing and reporting

Employee Incentive Programs

Increased impulse buying

Improved recordkeeping


Reward Programs

Reloadable - customer returns

Unused balance - customer returns


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