Credit card processing and merchant accounts allows your business to authorize, settle, and manage credit card and electronic check transactions.

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Is Your Business Going Places?

The flexible Wireless Credit Card Terminal for transactions on the go.

Today's consumers are on the move, and so are the businesses that serve them.  Speed and convenience are primary drivers for enhancing the transaction experience.  Wouldn't it be great to offer your merchants a payment solution that moves along with their business?  What if they could process transactions wherever and whenever they needed to?

Never miss a transaction opportunity or a card present rate. Think about how our wireless credit card terminal would improve productivity and customer service for your business.

Wireless credit card terminal features:

  • The smallest full-featured hand-held wireless terminal available today
  • Wireless technology keeps you mobile but always connected
  • Allow restaurant patrons to pay at the table
  • Speed up check-out
  • Conduct concession sales right in the stands
  • Give taxi and limo riders new payment options
  • Boost in-home, door-to-door and sidewalk sales

Reasons for the Wireless Terminals:

  • Accept credit card payment on wireless terminals with built in printers
  • Issue sales slips to obtain a signature
  • Add professionalism to your business
  • Add a mobile POS station without occupying valuable real estate
  • Improve customer service by bringing sales reps from behind the counter
  • Increase upsell opportunities while on the selling floor

Don't lose another potential sale to customers who take one look at long checkout lines and leave the store. Contact us today to learn more about how to take advantage of mobile POS technology.

Benefits of Wireless Processing

Lower costs

Eliminate chargebacks

Get the retail rate

Training is easy

24-7 customer support

Web access to view transactions and batches

Real time approval

Automatic Batch Closing

One Gateway per account, not per phone

Invoice option

Tip option

Units with or without printers

Eliminate bad checks

Flexible Terms

No need to bill

Who Needs Mobile?

Delivery & Distribution Companies

Plumbers & Electricians

Towing & Locksmiths

Tool Trucks

Taxi & Limousine

Lawn & Pool Services

Home Sales

Window & Door Installation

Car Detailing

Carpenters & Home Repair

Furniture Delivery

Messenger Services

Who Needs Wireless?

Bike Rental

Stadiums & Arenas

Amusement Parks

Concert Pavilions

Parks & Recreation

Farmer's Market

Flea Markets


Golf Courses

Parking Lots


Kiosks in Malls

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